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Server Reset.

captianbob Owner posted Tue at 11:24

Unfortunately, due to recent issues that have occurred with the server we have decided to do a full server reset. We understand that this isn't what a lot of you wanted however please don't look at it as a negative thing, furthermore the server has gone just over 8months without any reset and that is the longest that we have ever gone without one and just like every other server that has an economy we all knew this reset was bound to happen very soon. The server will be back up within the next couple of days as long as everything goes on smoothly, the maximum time that the server should be down for is a week but we don’t think it should take that long as it is just the console side of things that need setting up and all the server builds are pretty much completed. We hope that you guys will wait patiently and not be too upset about the recent actions that have had to be taken.

We still are unsure whether or not we are going to update to 1.9 or just stick with 1.8, please have your say over at the forum post.

Few things to mention..

Reags Co-owner
Reags @ Original SkyBlock
posted Jul 5, 16


You can now do /warp PVP2 for another PvP arena!

Congraulations to Emmy145, xX_Mervyn_Xx and GuysInTights for being promoted to Helper. I hope to see you all do well!

Mob Stacker
Mob stacker was removed.

You can now apply for a Youtuber rank. Hover over apply on the top menu and click which ever one you would like to apply for. Builder applications are closed.

Also, I have updated the Staff Application FAQ, you don't need to read it as it's just a few minor changes but it will be helpful if you're new to applying. I just updated how staff applications work mainly. 

If you couldn't already tell, I have updated the rules and made a post to help you report and appeal. 

Speaking of rules, I would like to address some issues. The caps lock rule was changed to no excessive caps, which means more than 4 caps is allowed but obviously you can't use caps excessivly. For example, "HI EVERYONE" is allowed or "COME TO /warp shopname for CHEAP items!" is also allowed but "OMG I JUST DIED CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME MONEY OR ITEMS PLEASE" is not allowed. These are most likely bad examples but it was the best I could come up with.

Another issue I want to mention is mini modding. Mini modding is allowed to an extent but I do know that people get highly annoyed with mini modding, myself included. If staff have already dealt with someone breaking the rules, do not comment, it's highly annoying and makes staff feel like their word isn't good enough. Another thing with mini modding, if no staff are online mini mod all you like but try not to fix things without telling staff or reporting it on the forums. For example, if someone was griefed try to get staff on, this is also includes people hacking. If someone says someone is hacking, tell them to get proof, don't go asking for the IGN unless you want to see for yourself because you can't do anything about it.

So all in all, you can warn people for using caps, swearing, etc. but not when staff have already handled the issue and when it comes to bigger issues, try not to mini mod. 

Plug DJ
This is very delayed but we now have a plug.dj. This is a place where everyone can share music. You can read more about it here. In game, you can now see what song is playing, who's the artist of the song and who's the current DJ, you can turn this off by doing /dj toggle.

Zachxx VIP How long does it take for a staff application to be acknowledged. I have waited about 1 1/2 weeks, is that normal